I'm on Patreon!

You can now support my charity efforts, and free and open-source work, on Patreon.


Getting supported by users of your stuff, and fans, is really motivating!

I dislike blanket advertising and avoid it where possible, so despite having millions of users / downloads / page views on a variety of moderately popular projects, I make basically no money from any of it.

There are a number of Minecraft mod creators and assorted artists who make reasonable sums of money from Patreon, and although that’s not my goal when making things and putting them on GitHub, having a secondary source of income for savings would be nice.

Patreon seems like a really nice model for keeping projects advert-free and engaging users at the same time. The hard part is getting off the ground.


I’ve added links to Patreon to all the READMEs in the open-source projects on GitHub, as well as to the header of this site, my Twitter account, and an icon on bunnies.io.

The lowest ‘tier’ of support starts at $1, but it all adds up quickly, so if you’re feeling generous, I’d greatly appreciate your support.

Thanks! ❤️


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